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C.A.Bracco (Full name found)
We found that “Calogero Adolfo Bracco”is the correct name of “C.A.Bracco.” Please spread this fact if you love mandolin!

【The Mystery about C.A.Bracco】
In any works that he composed,it is written his name as “C.A.Bracco”only. His background is written in detail in “The Guiter and Mandolin”(Philip.J.Bone),but there is not his full name. (1)

What is his first name and middle name? The theory that his name is “Carlo Albert Bracco”is supported from many people. But it’s an unfounded inference and it has no credibility. Even though,in “Dizionario della musica italiana per banda”(Marino Anesa, 2004),it is written “Carlo Albert Bracco,”nothing at all is written about the reliable source. (2)

According to Il mandolino (1905.02), You can see that his name is “C.Adolfo Bracco.” (3)

And,Maestro Takayuki Ishimura indicates that this document is highly reliable because it’s the news of death about Bracco. (Maestro Ishimura is one of the most famous mandolinists in Japan.) Then,What does the “C”means? I asked Mr. Carlo Aonzo to research that. Because he lives in Genova(Italy)and Bracco was died in the same Genova. According to his research, We found that his name is “Calogero Adolfo Bracco” Mr. Aonzo made an inquiry to the city office in Genova about the death certificate of Bracco (4),

and to the church about the list that is written about Bracco and his wife,Rosa. (5)

Please look at the certificate. You can see that ... He was 45 years old and was born in Biella (Piedmont), He died in Genova,Piazza Gerolamo Savonarola n. 7 on January 22 1905 at 8.30 A.M, His father was Ignazio Domenico Bracco, His mother was Francesca Bianchina Zanotti, His wife is Rosa Villa. This is the official document,and these facts coincides informations of the list in church and the news on Il mandolino. So it’s highly and highly reliable. (As you know,the list is written in Latin,so the spelling is different.) “Carlo Albert Bracco”is a downright lie and “Calogero Adolfo Bracco”is truth.
I strongly hope that this fact is known by a lot of people in the world. I really appreciate the great work by Mr. Carlo Aonzo. Grazie mille,Carlo! References

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(2) Dizionario della musica Italiana per banda

(3) Il Mandolino(1905.02)

(4) The death certificate about Bracco

(5) The list in church about Bracco & Rosa

We would like to take this opportunity to honor and thank you for the efforts of Mr. Tsujimoto, who investigated the birth and full name of Bracco, and the mandolinist Carlo Aonzo, who investigated in Genova..